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About Us

World Meat Supply LLC is a trading company focused on the import and export of high quality meat and livestock. Acting in the markets of beef, pork, lamb and chicken, we have strong business connections in South and North America and are continually expanding our networks across Europe, Oceania, Asia and beyond.

With a global team of highly experienced industry professionals, World Meat Supply has established firm and lasting partnerships with our clients resulting in excellent financial and growth indicators. We have further enhanced our brand with a stronger online presence and regularly connect with our clients and suppliers via our attendance at domestic and international industry trade shows.

Our customer service is second to none. The team at World Meat Supply are passionate about the meat industry priding ourselves on our ethics and organisational actions. Honesty, responsibility and proven commitment to our clients are the pillars of our success. We value our team and their efforts, our employee recognition program encourages our team for their loyalty and commitment to our valued clients.

We have a clear vision of becoming the preferred band in the global market. World Meat Supply is constantly seeking the best products and the most varied business opportunities. We aim to be known for our reliability, outstanding levels of customer service and high quality products.

Through an expansion of our customer base including supermarkets, hypermarkets and distributors, we have built strong relationships with our suppliers and importers. As such we are always focused on growing and increasing our market share. Due to the recent commercial protocol signed between Brazil and the US, World Meat Supply will expand our service even further starting with imports into the American market.

If you would like to align your business with a company that values your time, products and contributions look no further that World Meat Supply. We look forward to doing business with you.

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